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UK, you have got three days left to change the course of history

written by Bahar Muller May 20, 2017

The last day to register for the UK general elections is Monday, 22 May, so, yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have got only 3 days left to be a part of one of the most progressive movements of our times…

…. one that has a real chance at radically changing the domestic and foreign policy of Britain.

What we see all over the world today, from Trump’s supremacist America to patriotic arguments behind Brexit, or the far-right political parties sprouting all over Europe, is a resurgence of hate, arrogance, self-pride and fear that is increasingly tightening its grip in societies.

The dangerous rhetoric that drives these tectonic shifts in the west once again open the way for more of the same autocracy, oppression, xenophobia, racism, and war-mongering that left the European countries reeling in the past.

You would think that we must, by now, have learned from our mistakes but apparently not.

On the contrary, as more and more people demand change, challenging the established political and economic systems with alternative lifestyles, protests, boycotts and grassroots activism, the old monsters of the past are being awakened one by one to counter them.

And here is the catch… All of this is because our economic system is based recklessly on the crazy idea of infinite growth on a planet with limited resources, which is simply unsustainable, sick and failing. All of this is to ensure that the status-quo is not disturbed while the resources are thinning out, the concentration of power and wealth forever remains in the hands of the few, and the business continues as usual at the expense of the devastation of millions.

But, Britain can disrupt this trend on the 8th of June.

It is apparent that there is no return from Brexit but the terms of the exit are extremely important. Now with the EU laws being made redundant, England needs to create new regulations and trade deals. Deregulations following Brexit can jeopardise the standards in food production, animal welfare, environmental laws and employee rights.

So far, Theresa May’s Brexit plans proved to be more about benefiting the corporations rather than the people of Britain, from the moment she advocated Britain’s opt-out of the European convention on human rights last year to the secretive trade deals that she negotiates at the moment with countries outside of the EU, which will evidently put public services, primarily the NHS, at risk, while watching shareholders’ interests.

Jeremy Corbyn, on the other hand, is offering policies that can turn the tide and start a fight against inequality by redistributing wealth, giving people, everyone, what’s rightfully theirs. His policies are also addressing various issues of concern from the environment and the future of food and farming in Britain to human rights.

Free education, health service, public transport and housing are basic human rights, that recently turned into privileges in the hands of the advocates of the capital in politics.  And finally, someone is openly demanding those back.

According to the polls, Theresa May and the conservatives are in for a landslide victory but Jeremy Corbyn is fastly gaining ground.  And the statistics show that the silent millions who didn’t vote in the last elections can change the game entirely.

So, it is up to you, the undecided, the disillusioned and the anti-establishmentarian. You have got the power to change the course of history.

After all, unless you are living in the mountains in total isolation and civil disobedience, if you are shopping in the shops, studying in the schools, working the jobs, using the banks, paying the taxes of this system, then you are buying the guns, waging the wars and taking part in the crimes and atrocities of it too.

This time do it differently. Use your right to vote and help create change in the world you’re living in.

Register to vote before late and don’t miss out on the chance to have your say in our future on the 8th of June.


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