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Thief Issue 2: Adrenaline

written by Rosemary Long April 30, 2016

After the success of our first issue, we are delighted to host our second issue of Thief. Our team get thrills from a lot of things. These things include the hard work we do and the constant flow of talented submissions from the artists, authors, and other members of the creative community with whom we work. The excitement we experience from our readers and the individuals we collaborate with both inspires our team and brings us closer together.

As a result, we thought it would be perfect to ask you what it is that makes you excited. We asked you what it is that makes your heart quicken, your pupils thicken, and your breath catch in your lungs. We wanted your submissions on the theme of Adrenaline. Your response got us flustered.

Among many and varied submissions, we found ourselves exploring abandoned buildings, meeting monsters, facing death down the barrel of a gun, receiving messages from the Gods, and racing side-by-side with bengal tigers. We invite you to do the same, all you have to do is keep reading.

Each piece is accompanied by a bespoke illustration by some of our favourite illustrators, each of whom have delved deep into their imaginations to bring you a tasty showcase of what the writing means to them.

We’ve only just managed to catch our breath, hopefully you’re ready to lose yours.

Richard & Rosemary, editors Thief

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