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Home Article The Talkhouse Shares Photos Taken by Jay Giampietro on the Streets of NYC on Election Day

The Talkhouse Shares Photos Taken by Jay Giampietro on the Streets of NYC on Election Day

written by Mark Doyle November 10, 2016

The Talkhouse have shared a photo essay of images captured by New York City-based filmmaker and street photographer Jay Giampietro over the course of November 8th and the early hours of November 9th.

“This was the strangest night of all time in this city. I’m in shock. I didn’t realise when I was shooting this stuff that I was documenting the triumph of a kind of people I didn’t think existed in New York.

There’s one guy called ‘Spiritual reckoning,’ who is one of the wildest characters I’ve ever seen in my life. I had tried to get a picture of him a few years ago but he freaked out and I’ve been on the hunt for him ever since. He was stomping around, eating Ding Dongs and downing Yoo-hoo and screaming vicious religious non sequiturs, ‘Trump is in charge. People are only gonna be allowed to have one kid, only allowed to have one pet.’ Really glad to have captured him.” – Jay Giampietro

You can check out all of the photographs here.

About The Talkhouse:

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