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The Empire Remains Shop – August – November Schedule

written by Mark Doyle July 31, 2016

4 August – 6 November 2016
91-93 Baker Street
London W1U 6RL, United Kingdom

Opening reception: 4 August 2016, 6pm
Press Tours: 3 August 2016, 4pm – 7pm (please reply to arrange a time for viewing)

The Empire Remains Shop is a public installation by London-based duo Cooking Sections to speculate on the possibility and implications of selling back the remains of the British Empire in London today.

Highlights of August Programme:
(bush) Tea Services, Annalee Davis
Tea is served 3-5pm (Booking recommended)

Literally digging into the ground of her family property in Barbados, Annalee Davis mines family archives to unpack the plantation, and its multi-layered history. (bush) Tea Services incorporates found porcelain shards from tea sets and cheap crockery unearthed from around the yard and surrounding fields of the former plantation.

The Colloquy: Wild Plants as Active Agents in the Process of Decolonisation,
Annalee Davis & guests
Friday, 5 August, 4pm – 5.30pm (Booking recommended)

Annalee Davis will speak about the resurgent diversity of wild plants in former sugarcane fields as a decolonial, botanical act of subversion defying centuries-old agrarian borders.

Famished Lives and the Necropolitics of Hunger, Natasha Ginwala
Lecture: Friday, 19 August, 6pm (Booking recommended)

Natasha Ginwala’s lecture-presentation will chart the haunting legacies of the Bengal Famine from 1943-44. The complex nature of the famine will be explored through the contributions of artists and filmmakers, while the colonial mechanisms of hunger may also contribute to a better understanding of systemic violence in modernity.

THE ‘NEXT “INVASIVE” IS “NATIVE”’, Cooking Sections
Lecture Performance: Saturday 20 August, 5pm (Booking recommended)

In this lecture-performance, Cooking Sections questions the definition of a pristine British landscape and who defines it, as perceptions of ‘native,’ ‘alien,’ and ‘invasive’ shift over time. In response, The ‘Next “Invasive” Is “Native”‘ uses ice cream as a platform to put ‘invasive’ species at the forefront of conviviality.

Under The Sea There Is A Hole, Cooking Sections
Climavore performative dinner: Wednesday, 24 August, 8pm (Booking required)

The circulation of fertilisers worldwide has demanded extracting the maximum agricultural value from the soil. Rather than the exponential growth of mineral extraction to keep up with demand, this installation explores other ways to reduce the need for adding nutrients to the soil whilst still feeding a growing population. CLIMAVORE is a performative dinner especially conceived forUnder The Sea There Is A Hole. It aims to consider a diet based on new climatic seasons.

Hunger, A Man-Made Object – Speculation, Asunción Molinos, 2016
Artist Talk and screening: 26 August, 6pm

Asunción Molinos Gordo will present her last work ‘Purpose, Scope and Penalties,’ which revolves around the Seed Law no. 5553, one of the most controversial laws introduced over the past few decades in Turkey, tackling agriculture, intellectual property, and plant biodiversity.

Shrimping After Working Conditions, FRAUD

Saturday 27 August, At low tide
Leigh-On-Sea,Meeting point by the sea will be provided to participants (Booking required)

Shrimping After Working Conditions explores what it means to die in a neoliberal world. From the social death in contemporary forms of life subjugation, to the commercial extinction of depleted brown shrimp (Crangon crangon), no longer profitable to harvest. We supply nets and wellies. No prior knowledge required.

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