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Shy Layers Shares ‘Running’ Video

written by Mark Doyle October 6, 2016

‘The [‘Running’] video, created by Ben Sisto, depicts a bare human figure painting in a world filled with clipping and unfinished textures, providing a clever contrast to Walsh’s creation, a lush and fully-realized song that blends natural and synthetic sounds . . . Both Walsh and Sisto know how to exercise restraint in a way that warrants numerous listens/views.’ — Stereogum

‘Marked by warm vocoder lines, African guitars and rhythms, and the wistfulness of Arthur Russell, the songs JD Walsh makes as Shy Layers sound both familiar and alluringly out-of-reach.’Pitchfork ‘Rising’

‘What Walsh has managed to do is make an album that’s just for him and still equally as accessible for everyone else. . . It’s for today, yesterday, and whenever.’UPROXX

Shy Layers, the musical incarnation of Brooklyn and Atlanta based visual artist and lifelong musician JD Walsh, released his self-titled debut album via Growing Bin Records this past August. As Shy Layers, Walsh plays every instrument and sings, his vocals often transformed by a softly buzzing, melodic vocoder, floating over a bed of overlapping rhythms. The boundary between real and ssynthesisedvoices and instruments can often be blurred. The Shy Layers album is comprised of songs from two EPs: ‘Shy Layers’ and ‘2’, released earlier this year. However, ‘Running’, the slowest, darkest and funkiest song off ‘2’, was not featured on the album. It’s being presented today via the video created by artist and curator Ben Sisto. Inspired by mid 2000’s machinima aesthetics, Sisto wanted it to feel like a movie trailer that was generated by an AI.

‘As described by Walsh, “To me there’s something humid about ‘Running,’ like sitting on the porch in the middle of the night during a rainstorm in July. The main bass/organ was the genesis of the song – the notes were chosen randomly by way of my modular synth. Once I had that foundation, I could build the rest of the song – it just seemed to beg for a 70s sounding electric piano riff, so I had to oblige. The vocals are so simple and repetitive that it functions as more of a chant or a pseudo-mantra.”’


‘Stabilized Waves’ video –
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