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Rallying For Change

written by Sarah Ahmad August 14, 2016

tribe correspondent Sarah Ahmad takes a look at how the fascinating Mongol Rally has inspired three Indians – Sunaina Pamudurthy, Bhairav Kuttaiah and Binoy John, to go on a journey that could save lives of millions of children living in shelters across India.

We are all on a mission, to complete a certain masterpiece, to achieve a difficult feat, to walk a few craggy miles to success. This pursuit drives us to realize miracles, to bring a change in our lives, to bring soul and light in someone else’s life. On a journey, through striking sights, rough terrain, mountainous regions and constant weather changes, the great Mongol Rally brings together adventure enthusiasts from all over the world, to drive through changing terra firma.

The rally is an exhilarating experience, also becoming a foundation inspiring one to achieve a social change, fundraising and charitable work becoming important results of the rally. Three enthusiastic Indians, driving Tata Nano, an Indian made care, are using this rally to raise funds through the Rally for Change campaign to transform lives of children in shelters across India. Supported by Make A Difference foundation or MAD, a youth driven non-profit organisation, the campaign also aims to create awareness among the masses about difficulties faced by children in shelters.

Leaning Tower of Pisa in the background


Out of the 440 million children in India 176 million are in urgent need of care and protection, unfortunately juvenile shelter homes in India are unable to provide them with good care and a strong emotional support system, good education and exposure, often leading to emotional trauma, many children who leave these shelter homes becoming vulnerable to participate in dangerous or criminal activities.
Good after care, emotional health, a loving family and a well – rounded personal development are substantial in bringing about a positive change in the lives of these children. Make A Difference as an institution seeks to achieve that through its everyday activities, propelled by the youth, and most importantly to raise awareness about this problem through the Rally for Change campaign, resulting in generating funds for the betterment of these children. The Indian trio carry very close to their heart, this social cause, ultimately motivating them to complete this long, gruelling rally.

Driving across ten thousand miles, two continents and thirteen countries, Sunaina Pamudurthy, a start – up professional and sports enthusiast, Bhairav Kuttaiah, a professional lawyer, and Binoy John, an entrepreneur, automobile enthusiast and photographer, complete this team of three friends, adventure and travel enthusiasts, called Team NanoMADs.

A Make A Difference volunteer with the NGO's children

With pre – rally preparations, conferences, campaign recordings, countdowns, visas and unending flow of emotions, this journey for Team NanoMADs, supported by Make A Difference, kicked off on July 17th in London, passing through changing landscapes, with various pit stops, new friends, finds, good food, unforgettable stories and memories. Stretching across 10000 miles from Goodwood circuit, United Kingdom to Ulan Ude, Mongolia, the campaign aims to raise one million dollars for the cause it’s associated with. This incredible journey has taken the team through various cities, sights and adventures, these cities also becoming pit stops in their journey.

From living like locals in France, with great wine and cheese for company, to driving through the Pyreenes to reach Spain, through to Spanish cities like Zaragosa and Barcelona, to a gruelling drive through the Swiss Alps, to cities like Pisa, Florence, Venice, Salzburg, the trio is now off to Prague, after narrating memoirs from their unique journey.

Safarnama - a fundraising event for the campaign in India

Tata Nano has become their guardian and best ally in this adventurous journey aimed to bring hope, health and happiness into the lives of many children in India. The car is fitted with fabricated steel protection plates, supporting Nano’s journey through rough terrain. One can easily spot the car on its journey by its colourful avatar, with Rally for Change, Make A Difference and NanoMADs crafted on the car’s body . From hosts in many cities, to distinguished sights and sounds, challenges, to friends made on the way, Sunaina, Bhairav and Binoy’s journey has been one that has drawn many followers and admirers along the way.

As this mission, to drive an Indian made car, by Indians, for an Indian cause, goes past through stunning sights of Austria into historical Germany, and now through to Czech Republic, it has been featured, talked about and gone places with its momentous aim. With their temporary abode in different cities in Europe, the car and its handlers have rallied through changing times, topography and elements, hoping to transform this ambitious rally into a rally that can make a difference.

Nano in Florence, Italy

You can Log on to:, to read more about the campaign and to donate to this cause.
Follow Sunaina, Bhairav and Binoy’s journey on NanoMADs Facebook page here:
Catch a glimpse of MAD’s (Make A Difference) activities here:

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