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Mahesh Shantaram: The African Portraits in Mumbai

written by Mark Doyle November 22, 2016

Tasveer is pleased to present Mahesh Shantaram: The African Portraits in Mumbai at the Institute of Contemporary Indian Art (ICIA) from 3rd to 10th December 2016

The African Portraits, Mahesh Shantaram’s most recent body of work, documents the lives of Africans living in India in a series of intimate portraits. Following an increasing number of racial attacks in the recent past, Shantaram set out on a project to increase awareness of the everyday racism and discrimination faced by Africans in India. Beginning with Bangalore, he travelled to Jaipur, Delhi and Manipal to record their experiences. The emotionally resonant portraits draw attention to the individuality of his subjects, point towards the plurality of Africans, who hail from several different countries and societies, and force viewers to look beyond stereotypes.


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