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Justin Hibbs shows at Este Arte

written by Bahar Muller January 9, 2017

The International Contemporary Art Fair, Este Arte, will open its doors to public in Punte del Este, between 11th and 14th of January, offering an artistic selection from historical avant-gardes to contemporary art from Paris, London, Geneva, New York to Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Rio de Generio, Miami and Beijing. The event creates a space for dialogue between the South American artists and the international art scene.

London-based artist, Justin Hibbs’ Signal Frequencies is also among the titles on display in this year’s event, and among the many highlights of the show.

In his abstract works, the London-based artist dismantles the idea of linear perception and representation within architectural structures with a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses drawing, sculpture and architectural interventions.

In the paintings presented at Este Arte, Hibbs explores the idea of glitch, which is widely used in electronic music. Hibbs re-creates a visual version of the concept by painting with a pinstriping tool, which is traditionally used to create straight lines on enamel, on raw linen, welcoming the myriad of pictorial surprises the technique produces.

Signal Frequencies II | Justin Hibbs

Signal Frequencies II | Justin Hibbs

Justin Hibbs studied at Central St. Martins, London and currently lives and works in London. He has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally and has also curated a series of artist-led exhibitions. His work was selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010 and his solo shows include Alias_Re_Covered at Carroll / Fletcher; PARA/SITE and Secondary Modern at Christinger De Mayo gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.

As the interest in South and Central American art continue you to increase, Uruguay proves to be an important destination on the global art map; and although it is maybe most famous with the exciting Street Art thriving at the moment especially in the capital Montevideo, the country also stands out with international art fairs like the Este Arte, thanks to its relatively stable economic and political climate in the region.

Images are the courtesy of the artist and the Caroll/ Fletcher gallery.

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