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Introducing Stef Chura, Listen to ‘You’

written by Mark Doyle October 18, 2016

Introducing Stef Chura

Debut album ‘Messes’ out 27 January 2017 via Urinal Cake Records

Listen to ‘You’

Stef Chura’s debut studio album, Messes (out 1/27 on Urinal Cake Records), is born of her years of experience playing around the Detroit, Michigan underground, setting up DIY shows in the area, and moving around the state—nearly 20 times. “Right when it starts to feel like home / It’s time to go”, she sings literally on its opening cut, ‘Slow Motion’, a twisty, dim-lit guitar pop song where she curls and stretches every word. There are worlds of emotion in the ways Chura pronounces phrases with twang and grit, alternatingly full of despair, playfulness, and abandon. Chura calls her music “emotional collage”, eschewing start-to-finish story lines in favour of writing intuitively about feelings, drawing from experiences and references related to a certain sentiment.

Through intricate guitar work and warm, textured production, Messes finds her trying to make sense of life’s ups and downs. “It’s about emotional mess, not physical mess”, Chura says. ” way, but you’re doing it anyway because you want that experience. I’ve had to do a lot of things the wrong way in order to figure out how to live my life.” Chura has now shared ‘You’, the newest song on the record. She says this about ‘You’:

“It’s about a bad feeling and a good feeling at the same time. It’s kind of about romantic interest in that there is both pleasure and a sickening discomfort. The song is less about a crush or a specific romantic relationship, but more about power dynamics.”

Listen to ‘You’:

Watch the video for ‘Slow Motion’

Early praise for Stef Chura:

“With the lo-fi charm of a Liz Phair cassingle, Chura retains the get-out-of-my-head immediacy that leads a person to sit down on the floor of their room and record a song until the feeling goes away.” – Pitchfork

“The standout here is Chura’s singular voice, a seemingly delicate, orphic thing that can slide from breathy lullaby to belted ballad.” – Paste

“Dim-lit guitar-pop with moody, twisting vocals” – Impose

“Native Michigander Stef Chura has her debut album in the can, and it’s easily the best new rock record I’ve heard in months… somehow, Messes avoids the retro trap, despite strong resemblances to Bettie Serveert, Halo Benders, Rodan, and Autoclave — all the best drowsy, weird, and anthemic indie-rock of the 1990s.” – Mike McGonigal, Detroit Metro Times


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