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Factory Floor with In Between Time

written by Rosemary Long February 23, 2017

As Part of February’s In Between Time festival, Bristol Aquarium re-opened the doors to it’s mega 15x19ft IMAX cinema screen for a series of one off audio-visual experiences.

When Factory Floor began, they brought intense, migraine-inducing visuals with them (in a good way).

They pummelled a live drum alongside a complex-looking set up of synths, whilst fully living up to their reputation for an impressive live show. Although I feel like they would feel more at home playing at a warehouse rave, compared to the structured seating set up of the cinema, the audience still got up off their feet to dance. We all know that you can’t regulate a vibe, after all. Imagine an illegal, yet very well organised rave.

IMG_7070The crowd descended the rows of seating to dance at the tiny strip of floor before the front row, just metres away from FF themselves, paying no attention to regular cinema etiquette. Watching the bouncing bodies silhouetted against the absurdly big screen, it was like being at a casual boiler room set; one where you don’t feel out of place eating popcorn and checking your instagram.
The set was (as promised) an audio-visual experience, the crowd were transported; given a musical step-up to another realm through the stripped-back nature of the music. Every so often you’d encounter vocals, or something that resembles a noise that might come out of someone’s mouth, draping freeform over the heavily structured song beneath.

FF create repetitive electronic music complete with industrial-inspired beats, and it works. If their gig was a look, the collection would be called ‘Manufacturer Buzz Chic’ and they would be labelled best dressed in every 20-somethings favourite overpriced magazine, and they would look damn cool.

See more of Factory Floor on their Facebook page.

I’d like to thank In Between Time for having us at the 2017 festival.
Check out the festival website for what’s going on and how to get involved.

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