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Dragomir Misina’s Line of Colour opens doors in October

written by Bahar Muller October 1, 2016

Dragomir Misina is a Croatian artist based in the UK. He uses acrylic paint, coloured pencils, graphite and permanent markers in his large scale abstract paintings. His working method involves processes akin to sculpting, such as layering and breaking up surfaces and he finds inspiration in everyday objects, popular culture and children’s stories.

The free form drawings, doodles and scribbles and the use of florescent and primary colours in juxtaposition with an organic, rather fragile texture result in an eclectic mixture of Pollockian expressionism and graffiti style dragomir-misina-himselfstreet art.

Misina says, “I use the process of painting to document physical and psychological presence, investigating the communicative function of colour and form as a reaction.dragomir-misina

The starting point of each painting is based on some form of narrative, which inevitably informs the course of painting. However, in the process of painting, it is not a question of making ever more references to the narrative, but a deliberate attempt to escape from it. Therefore the paintings may be observed for what they are rather than what they should mean.”

His latest exhibition, Line of Colour will open its doors to guests from 5th to 9th of October at 44AD artspace, Bath, UK.


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