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written by Rosemary Long September 20, 2017

Thief is back, and we want you to scare us.

You have awoken. Your nightshirt is stuck to your back and your bed sheets are damp with sweat. Cold beads form on your forehead. The droplets inch across your temples passing your widened eyes, gathering at the nape of your neck. The dream has faded, but the fear remains. You know it wasn’t real, it couldn’t possibly be, but your heart beats otherwise….

What follows you in your nightmares?

We are looking for poetry, haiku and short fiction along the theme of Campfire Stories. Your work will explore the creepy, the freaky and the scary. If selected, your work will be seen around the world. Each successful piece will be complimented by a bespoke illustration from one of our favourite illustrators.

Call for creative writers

Short fiction:
Send up to 3 pieces, of up to 1,000 words each, along with a bio (details below), to the email address at the bottom of this page. Send any work before 20th October 2017.

Poetry and haiku:
Send up to 5 poems, or 10 haiku, along with a bio (details below), to
Include a one sentence bio in the third person.

Please send all submissions in one of the following formats:
Google Docs


We want writing that is unafraid to push the boundaries and explore new territories. We look for work that is fresh, bold, innovative, and exciting; work that seeks the new and rips it wide open. Go ahead – scare us. We dare you.


For an idea of what we are looking for, please click on the following links to see our previous issues: Feast, Adrenaline, International.


Cover image courtesy of Frissonic. (To find out more find Frissonic on InstagramFacebook or click here).

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