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Blesst Chest’s Debut Album, Wish We Were There, Out Now on XRAY Records

written by Richard Thomas July 30, 2016

Portland’s Blesst Chest, featuring members of The Jicks, 31 Knots, and The Joggers, release their debut album on XRAY Records!

Wish We Were There premiered recently onIMPOSE calling the album a collection of  ‘vintage-inspired instrumentals and guitar riffs with depth, all pulled off by a trio of men who have the best sense of humour, hence the FOMO title.’

Early praise for Wish We Were There:
‘Portland power trio Blesst Chest has one foot planted in prog-inspired instrumentalism, and the other kicking in the air with rock ’n’ roll abandon.’ Portland Mercury

‘Blesst Chest is “a trio” that, basically, knows how to SHRED some serious PROG JAMS.’ Tiny Mix Tapes

‘Blesst Chest is the newest captivator of our attention.’ IMPOSE

‘Hypnotic, dazzling guitar figures circle with the complexity of a Rubik’s Cube but ultimately resolve in sludgy, caveman simplicity.’ Willamette Week

‘This power trio makes bold, raw, all-instrumental math rock that gets downright sleazy at times (in a good way), while moving between bombastic freak-outs and well-crafted space-outs.’ Premier Guitar

‘…think of Blesst Chest as a Medeski Martin & Wood for the stoner set.’ Pop Matters

‘From the grit evidenced in the trio’s proggy ’70s-style jams, it’s clear that they revel in the collective ability to make music for the working man.’ Eleven PDX

Wish We Were There is an entertaining album, and its constantly-changing nature means Blesst Chest recall everything from the Fucking Champs and Budgie to Lightning Bolt and Return To Forever, all within the span of 35 minutes.’ That Music Mag

Welcome Komrades to the Blesst Chest promo sheet. I’m psyched to be hearing this album. Takes me way back (two years) to the Halcyon Sweat Beer Days and their many gigs at godforsaken shitboxes around Portland. The boys wouldn’t have it any other way:  ‘Paying dues’ is standard operating procedure. Months and months were spent in the rehearsal room to get to this point— because what else would you do with your precious free time?

There is a Working Man’s Humility to their Prog Rock Leanings. I hear the desperation of the Everyman… but also his ability to Cope through EXXXTREME RIFFAGE!!! Sure, there isn’t anyplace to get to. Ambition is a construct meant to enslave you; But for an hour, at least, lets play hard and loud together in Brotherly Patrimony.

The album sounds like a Beefier version of their already Beefed Up live show. For a couple shekels, you can buy this LP and pretty much be there at the gig with us (even though you probably weren’t).  And where the Boys will go next, if they deign to play these jams in your town soon, well now you know a bit what’s in store for ya!

I’ve been saving the worst for last. I doubt they will show their faces on the cover but trust me they are Dead Foxxy—especially remarkable for an Instrumental Power Trio. I guess what I’m saying is…

What’s not to Love??? — Stephen Malkmus


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